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A Michigan drunk driving charge can have a serious impact on your life, with penalties including fines, high insurance rates, the loss of your license and/or jail time. The law firm of Michael W. Reeds, P.C., represents clients charged with:

  • Driving while intoxicated (DWI) by alcohol
  • Driving under the influence of drugs
  • Criminal damage to property
  • Vehicular manslaughter
  • License reinstatement after suspension or revocation

Our attorneys have helped thousands of Michigan clients secure positive results, and this is the measure by which a law firm should be judged. We receive countless referrals from satisfied clients and attorneys around the country seeking a fresh perspective in difficult defense litigation.

Sentencing and Licensing Sanctions for Drunk Driving Convictions

The ramifications of a drunk driving conviction can be disastrous, and the Michigan statutes utilize a stacking method in providing for sentencing and licensing sanctions. This means that if you are convicted of DWI for a second time (within 7 years), the penalties and sanctions are more severe. Likewise, if you are convicted of a third offense in a lifetime, the penalties and sanctions are even more severe.

Our attorneys can help you at any stage in the criminal process. From your initial arrest to sentencing and appeal, we can provide you with the skilled defense and advocacy you need.

Authors of Authoritative Texts on Michigan Drunk Driving Laws

Attorneys Michael W. Reeds is noted author on tactics and trial procedures for criminal defense lawyers around the country and contributors to the Michigan Drunk Driving Law and Practice book, a comprehensive resource for attorneys published through the Institute for Continuing Legal Education in Ann Arbor.

First Offense? Second or Third Offense?

New laws in Michigan provide for serious penalties on even a first DUI offense. A drunk driving defense lawyer from our office will ensure that you understand the process and your options — and that your rights are protected.

Multiple drunk driving offenses mean mandatory confiscation of your driver’s license and plates, and possible forfeiture of your car. A third offense is subject to felony prosecution where penalties can include a prison sentence, fines and/or a five-year license revocation.

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