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The “War on Drugs” in this country means the federal and Michigan drug laws give sweeping powers to law enforcement and prosecutors, sometimes resulting in the overzealous prosecution of even a minor drug crime, and sending casual users and innocent people to jail for long periods of time. At the southeast Michigan law firm of Michael W. Reeds, P.C., our practice is devoted to defending clients from felony and misdemeanor drug charges.

With over 38 years of experience and thousands of criminal cases tried at all levels of the state and federal courts, a drug charges defense attorney from Michael W. Reeds, P.C., is a powerful advocate. We are dedicated defense lawyers who can thoroughly investigate drug charges and identify and challenge all weaknesses in the prosecution’s case.

Charges of Drug Possession, Sale or Manufacturing

Our criminal defense trial lawyers represent clients facing a drug arrest on charges, including:

  • Cultivation or manufacturing of drugs, including meth labs and grow houses
  • Sale, distribution or trafficking of drugs
  • Possession or possession with intent to sell drugs
  • Alleged violation of medical marijuana laws

The penalties you face will depend on the type of drug involved as well as the amount of the drug. We have helped clients charged with crimes involving all types of drugs, narcotics and controlled substances such as:

  • Marijuana (“pot,” “weed”)
  • Cocaine and crack cocaine
  • Methamphetamines (“ice,” “glass,” “Tina,” “crystal meth”) and other amphetamines
  • Heroin and other opiates
  • LSD, mushrooms and other hallucinogens
  • Steroids
  • “Designer drugs,” such as Ecstasy (“X”)
  • PCP (“angel dust”)
  • Prescription pills such as OxyContin or Vicodin

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If you are facing a criminal drug arrest in Michigan related to marijuana, cocaine, meth or another controlled substance, contact the defense lawyers at Michael W. Reeds, P.C., immediately for a free consultation before you speak to the police.

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Amy is a excellent attorney.

Amy helped me through one of the most difficult times of my life. I was married for 21 years with 2 young children and faced with divorce. When I meet with Amy at her office I was devastated and heart broken and I had no idea where to begin all I knew was I needed…

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