Criminal Defense: A Few Simple Rules

If you think you are under suspicion or investigation, are going to be interviewed or are being questioned, have been arrested or charged in any criminal matter contact an attorney immediately.

What NOT to Do if Arrested/Under Criminal Investigation

  1. Do NOT talk to the police without an attorney. They will tell you it is a simple matter, or they just have a few questions, or you will help yourself if you do not “lawyer up,” and you will look guilty if you call an attorney. DO NOT LISTEN. Do not answer ANY questions about the events, even to give a simple explanation.
  2. Do NOT talk to anyone about the events in question. Your friends, your boyfriend or girlfriend, your husband or wife, your diary, your accomplices: Do NOT admit anything to anyone.
  3. Do NOT e-mail us or anyone information about your case. Until you actually hire your lawyer, attorney-client privilege may not apply! We do not give legal advice over the phone or by e-mail, and we do not provide an easy “intake form” for you to describe the details of your case, because anything you tell us in the process of hiring us might be used against you in court. It is important to get the right lawyer — but do it in person.
  4. We do NOT want to talk about whether or not you are guilty. The purpose of our justice system is to force the government to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that you committed the crime in question. Our job is to find out what evidence they have to do that, not to find out for ourselves whether you are guilty, or to judge you in any way.

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